2019 Contest Winners

The 2019 $2500 $3200 Giveaway Contest Is Over

I detest surveys. Receive them constantly. Rate this representative. How did we do? Would you recommend a friend? Etc. Hey! You want me to spend my time improving your business? Pay me!

With that in mind, we held this contest for a specific reason. We wanted your thoughts on what we do and how we could improve. And we offered to pay those who invested time and effort. Your responses were so overwheming and informative that we couldn't choose only ten winners ... so we upped the number of prizes to twenty. Twice as many prizes ... And it took us more than twice as long to cull through reams of invaluable information.

Our personal favorite, great for a belly laugh, came from Heather J, Lusk, WY

I live in these socks!!!! I wear them almost everyday! They are the softest, most sexy socks ever!


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See You Next Time!  

Again, our sincere thanks to all for your investment time and effort.

Alexander and Joelle