$2500 Giveaway Contest Winners

$2500 Giveaway Contest Winners

I detest surveys. Receive them constantly. Rate this representative. How did we do? Would you recommend a friend? Etc. Hey! You want me to spend my time improving your business? Pay me!

With that in mind, we held this contest for a specific reason. We wanted your thoughts on what we do and how we could improve. And we offered to pay those who invested time and effort. Your responses were so overwheming and informative that we couldn't choose only ten winners ... so we upped the number of prizes to twenty. Twice as many prizes ... And it took us more than twice as long to cull through reams of invaluable information. 

Below are the winners along with some of their thoughts which we found most helpful and interesting - the good, the bad, and the diametrically opposed viewpoints. Plus a few changes we have instituted in reaction. Our most sincere thanks to all who took the time to respond.

Our personal favorite, great for a belly laugh, came from Heather J, Lusk, WY

I live in these socks!!!! I wear them almost everyday! They are the softest, most sexy socks ever!



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The Top 5 Prize Winners

Dmitry V, Moscow, Russia - 5th Prize Winner

1. Products: I like: high quality (but sometimes not the highest), interesting and unique styles (alongside with classic ones, and it's great). What can be improved: well... for example, may I suggest improving your ready made boxer shorts waistbands? Your main advantage is the fabric from Alumo... though Thomas Mason fabrics are usually good too, but Alumo ones are superior in general. And by the way Emma Willis and Udeshi offer boxer shorts made of linen - rare option but interesting and worth considering.
2. Web Site: It's reliable and quick. No flash and irritating pop-ups. That's great. But I must tell you that design and layout of your website feels dated ... it seems old and not in a good way. Navigation is sometimes a bit tricky.
3. You: I like your articles - very informative, useful, always interesting to read. I like your level of service - it's second to none. I like your e-mails but I have to say they usually also feel dated in terms of design. Keep up the great work!

Thank you. Two comments ... Our boxers will now available in 20 colors of pure linen. These will be online next week. Though we agree that the navigation is extensive, it's rather difficult to simplify our Entire Stores' vast range of stocked niche items. Always trying to improve the ease-of-use. As for the boxer waistbands, the elastic is made for us by Nastrificio Zingonia, Italy's finest. We could use a lower quality with more stretch when new - which some opine "feels" nicer - but it would not have the same degree of longevity which was one of the most frequent complaints we received about Zimmerli's boxers.  



James W, Palo Alto, CA - 4th Prize Winner

Comment: I like the personalized and expert service, with unique items I can’t find anywhere else. I wish all retail and custom experiences were like this one—for me it sets the standard. I only wish things were less costly —then I’d buy more stuff!

Thank you. Making our high-quality items in reasonable quantities doesn't benefit from the economics of scale enjoyed by the mass marketers. That said, we are instituting a V.I.P. Discount Program with permanent discount tiers for those clients who order regularly. Watch your e-mail for the upcoming announcement.



Aaron G, Rockville, MD - 3rd Prize Winner

1 Products:  All world class and high quality items I love in my wardrobe rotation, especially the Kabbaz-Kelly originals.  Wish there were more outerwear selections (polos, etc.).  
2 Website: I like the makeover from a while back, but still doesn't look at modern and sleek as newer e-commerce sites.  Sometimes slow to respond.  Also would like to see for outerwear a sizing recommendation if possible.  
3 Company: A very rare company laser-focused on its customer service.  Impressive.

Thank you. We are creating an additional Outerwear Sizing Chart which will be up on our Sizing Page shortly.

Later this year we'll be migrating to even larger servers which can handle more concurrent visitors at a quicker pace. As for more polo shirts ... gosh darn it we've got thousands in stock! Can't fit any more.


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Bradley B, Huntington, WV - 2nd Prize Winner

Comment: 10 Things I Love about You:
1. I can email and get a personal email back from the owner.
2. Everything I get from you is the best quality money can buy.
3. Your packaging screams - we are the best! I love the tape measures and the cedar storage balls and the way everything is wrapped.  It tells me you value what you do and you take great pride in excellence.
4. You carry over-the-calf socks for men that are cool and colorful.  I can't get that at my local Nordstrom or Macy or any other place for that matter - not even my local men's store.  
5. I get these Member Rewards Dollars when I order.  No clue how that works (my fault for not looking) but I definitely get them and have gotten free stuff out of the deal.  That makes me a satisfied customer.  
6. You have a men's smoking jacket on your site that costs like $1,000.  No idea why I would want it but I do!
7. You keep in touch with me - not too much and not too little.  
8. I once had an expensive pair of socks that got a hole in them several months after I ordered.  I emailed and you replaced the socks without any hesitation.  That is just good customer service.
9. I feel like if I left my home today, I could be standing in your shop tomorrow afternoon shaking your hand and you would actually know my name.  
10. If you can keep a family business running for as long as you have - you deserve all the blessings and accolades all your customers can give you.
Thanks for being great and being my go-to-place for quality clothing and service.  I appreciate you!

Thank you. A couple of notes: If a product we offer shows a defect, which does sometimes happen, it is replaced without question. Coming here to visit? Great! Just let us know so we can dust off the red carpet for your arrival. As for the Smoking Jacket ... I want it, too!


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Richard A, Falls Church, VA - 1st Prize Winner

Products: The new cotton athletic socks are great, but need brighter colors and a tad expensive. Don't sew them together. I should not need scissors to put on a new pair of socks. Begg cashmere is fantastic.
Web site: Web site is fine.
You: Need better communication on long lead bespoke items. I should not have to ask when something will be shipped, months after I order it. E.g. the women's shawl collar robe or the cashmere throw. Great overall, but there is always room for improvement in any business.

Thank you. A few comments:
The men's and women's athletic socks are quite difficult to knit in cotton vs. the usual synthetics due to the use of natural fiber and the unique multi-sectional venting system; thus the higher cost. However, our regular (logged in) clients get an additional pair of blue with every purchase of three or more which does reduce the price by 25%. In addition, we'll be adding them to our Custom Dyeing program next month which will add 14 more colors to the repertoire.
Scissors aren't necessary to separate Bresciani socks. We're making a video showing how ... but if you grab each sock by its toe and pull them apart the slippery silk tie will open by itself.
Being bespoke makers, lead times - sometimes long - are strongly influenced by outside sources. Oftimes fabrics which are normally in stock take longer than anticipated to restock as was the case with the silk robe. As for the cashmere throw ... looms are set up by color. With hundreds of colors in the rotation we sometimes have to wait for the ordered color to come 'round on the schedule. At other times they ship weeks ahead of schedule. It is completely dependent upon the special order color desired. But you're certainly correct: We are updating the lead times on the web site and shall endeavor to notify when something is expected to take longer than originally anticipated.


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Comments/Suggestions from the 6th Place - 20th Place Winners

Edward P, Las Cruces NM

1. Your products set the standard for quality and style.
2. Your web site is entertaining and provocative.
3. You are fun to read about.

Thank you. Though we do our best to be tasteful, it's a bit difficult to offer lingerie and underwear without being what some consider provocative.  As for entertaining ... heck! If we can't have fun doing what we love, why bother!



Sean S, Delta, BC, Canada

What I love about your shop is the selection of calf length men’s socks.

Thank you. We have striven for years to expand our selection of top quality over-the-calf socks which, when we began online back in 1994, were few and far between ... and then available only in the four basic solid colors.



Austin B, New York, NY

My favorite under britches are your voile boxer shorts. Also, the bespoke braces are superb and the leather finishings are of the highest quality, although the color chart could be clearer. The best socks in my opinion are the Bresciani vanisee.

Thank you. We realize that online color charts, even with the constantly increasing quality of computer and phone screens, will never be as accurate as the fabrics themselves. For that reason we are always willing to send swatches of the actual fabrics before beginning work. Just ask any time.


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Nancy T, Acton, MA

I am alsways excited at each and every new article and am happy that I have never had the need to return anything. In addition I will never forget talking with Alexander and him mentioning the next time I am in the Hamptons he would leave the gate open. Thank you for all great quality products throughout the years.

Thank you. Our gate is always open for our clients! Except Hamptons' Summer weekends when tourists overwhelm the entire area. If it's Saturday or Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day just give us a call. We'll be happy to open the gates for you.



Juha K, Potomac, MD

1. I like the high quality and wide range of the products. The educational articles are also very useful.
2. The website is easy to navigate.
3. The service (packing, prompt delivery) is very good.

Thank you. The ability to write educational articles sans paper and publisher are what we enjoy most about life in the digital age.



Warren W, Torrance, CA

Area for improvement:  If you do not currently have one, consider having a cross sectional advisory panel of customers. Such a group can actually provide feedback about new proposed products to help determine viability.
Feedback:  CustomShirt1 remains a truly customer driven company.  Throughout the years Alexander or Joelle do a great job of responding to my emails in a timely manner.  Clearly their patience has afforded me an opportunity to significantly upgrade my wardrobe.  Keep up the exceptional work!

Thank you. Although we do solicit opinions as with this contest and our annual "What would you like us to offer" email, your advisory panel concept is an excellent one and one which we shall be instituting in the near future.



Trevor M, San Leandro, CA

Greetings Joelle and Alexander,
The one element of your business that needs attention, is the visual/design/marketing aspect. You have created a business built upon dignity, class and elegance. Your service and expertise is absolutely second-to-none. Your products are some if the finest available in the world. Why then, do your flyers look like they could be representing mass market stores?  
On top of this, although I can see the reasoning behind it, I would propose no longer including a measuring tape in every box. Many ladies are self-conscious, and right at the moment of celebrating their body and adorning it with wonderful things, they are reminded of their body in a very critical sort of way.  Not the right mind frame to introduce in that moment.  Maybe you could make a checkbox on the order page where one could opt for it's inclusion, instead of including it by default.

Thank you. We agree with your thoughts about the flyers. We shall be dispensing with them in favor of a more complete catalog currently in the works.
As for the tape measures, they have proven invaluable over the years and many appreciate the included measuring instructions. That said, we are working with our web developers to create the check box you suggested and hope to have it in place shortly.


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Jay T, Jacksonville, FL

I like that you offer high quality over-the-calf socks that last more washes than advertised. I like that the web store offers high resolution pictures of the products.
I do not like that the product pictures never download in the e-mails I receive.
I like that I can call Mr. Kabbaz and get straightforward answers to my questions thereby allowing me to buy with confidence!

Thank you for the information about the photos. We have been working with you and others to help resolve that issue which seems to affect some phone browsers. Thankfully, it isn't a problem with Constant Contact, our service provider, but has to do with the individual phone's browser setup.
As for me ... I love speaking with our clients! I learn immensely from those conversations. They are incredibly valuable. Call any time!



Dmitry V, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Crypto currency: If you offer your clients the option to pay with crypto it will bring you more client flow and you will be one of the first on this market. You will be able to get your money the same way as you get from Visa or Mastercard, if you interested I can give you more information how it works.

Thank you. It's on my bucket list. I'll be in touch shortly!



Heather J, Lusk, WY

I live in these socks!!!! I wear them almost everyday! They are the softest, most sexy socks ever!

Thank you! My favorite response of all!!! Brings to mind our article about women's socks in Australia.


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Michael U, Lawrenceville, NJ

Top-drawer products, competitive pricing and outstanding service...the 'go to" website for apparel needs!

Thank you. You give meaning to "short & sweet"!



Steve R, Prescott Valley, AZ

The products are, quite simply, high quality. I have confidence in trying new items because everything else I've purchased has been excellent.
The website does one thing well: Let me easily find the things I'm looking for. Sometimes simpler is better.
Joelle and Alexander... I haven't met you in person, and there is a chance I never will, but on the rare occasions I have a question, you make shopping feel like a personal experience. Thanks for that!

Thank you. But isn't that the simple truth? Shopping is and always be a personal experience. We absolutely do not believe in "Press 1 to be connected to the second step of our irritating phone menu system so that we can annoy you even more"! It just is not acceptable no matter how much your particular widgets are essential to your clients. 



Skip C, Little Rock, AK

My best advice is to get on Style Forum and to get on Facebook.
You might also do more trunk shows.
Thank you. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. As for Style Forum and Ask Andy About Clothes, we were among the first members back, if recollection serves, in 2003 and have written roughly 10,000 clothing posts on Andy's and 3,500 on Style Forum.
Trunk shows: We used to hold a three-day Collection of Sartorial Excellence show every year in NYC. Now that our universe of clients has become worldwide we try to do more on the internet so that it's accessible to everyone.


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Again, our sincere thanks to all for your investment time and effort.

Alexander and Joelle

Prizes will be shipping to the winners over the next five days. Watch your email in case we have a size or gender question!