Custom Products

Our Sister Site,, makes almost every custom clothing item imaginable from Ascots and Braces to Leather Jackets and Zendaline Shirts. Below are links to the available repertoire.

According to Departures Magazine many consider our bespoke work to be the finest available. We have been making shirts, blouses, pajamas, robes, braces, suspenders, leather outerwear, and much more for more than 50 years. Our philosophy is quite simple: If you can show us better we'll give you ours free.

What's the difference between Bespoke and Custom Made? None. "Bespoke" is used to describe Custom in Europe. "Custom" is used to describe Bespoke in the Western Hemisphere. Our Definition.

Here's a simple Bespoke/Custom Products Index to get you right to the information you are seeking.


Bespoke Shirts & Blouses Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Made Silk Braces/Suspenders Kabbaz-Kelly
Men's & Women's Bespoke Robes Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Leather Braces/Suspenders Kabbaz-Kelly
Men's & Women's Bespoke Pajamas Kabbaz-Kelly Hand Embroidered Monograms Kabbaz-Kelly
Custom Made Men's Boxers Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Made Women's Shorts Kabbaz-Kelly
Custom Cashmere & Silk Scarves/Stoles Kabbaz-Kelly Bespoke Leather Outerwear Kabbaz-Kelly
Custom Colored Lingerie & Underwear Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Socks

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Bespoke Anything

We're always up for something new. If it can be made from fabric or leather we are always happy to discuss.

We have made everything from Ascots & Belts to Suitcases & Ties. Couldn't really think of an X, Y, or Z to round out the phrase. Perhaps that Zendaline handkerchief back in the '80's?

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Custom vs. Bespoke:
So ... if they're the same ... why do we use both "Custom" and "Bespoke" to define various products? We've come up with a differentiation of our own: If the item is something we make using our existing pattern collection with your selection of size, details, and wish list, we call it "Custom". If we begin your project by creating a completely new pattern just for you we call it "Bespoke".