Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors

Made in Italy - Color Created in Our East Hampton Studios

Nothing Like Them Anywhere Else On The Planet!

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors

By way of explanation:

As makers of the finest custom clothing, the Kabbaz-Kelly Colors Collection is our own exclusive creation all individually hand-dyed here in our custom workrooms.

Why Custom Colors when you can get a colored t-shirt for a few bucks? One very simple answer: Quality. These are the finest garments on the planet, bar none. That's why!

We offer selected styles in a broad range of colors for men and women. Our current men's selections include the fabulous Bresciani 1970 Sea Island and Supremo Reale underwear lines. Both types of cotton accept dye colors extremely well and offer a beautiful vibrance. Although we show at least one example of each color, were we to show a photo of every style in every color, this page would be overwhelming.

Custom Colors Color Selector
A Few Things you should know:
  • Colors render differently in each type of fabric. In the blues, for example, Blue Supremo Reale is slightly bluer than Blue Sea Island.
  • Delivery time ranges between one and three weeks depending upon the season and our workload with the average being two weeks.
  • Many styles are created with contrast stitching, elastic, or trimmings as shown in the sample photos.
  • For quality reasons, we discard our dyes after each use to make the colors as vibrant as possible.
  • Dye Lots vary slightly. If you want your pieces to match as closely as possible, order them all at the same time.
  • The color charts were created by photographing finished garments and then color-matching to our in-house monitors. Your monitor may render slightly differently.

Kabbaz-Kelly Women's Custom Colors

Don't Miss The Women's Collection!

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors Available Styles

Click on Swiss Sea Island Cotton or Supremo Reale Egyptian Cotton for your desired style

Crew Neck Shirts:

Swiss Sea Island Cotton Crew Neck

Supremo Reale Egyptian Cotton Crew Neck

Kabbaz-Kellt Custom Color Crew Neck Shirts

V-Neck Shirts:

Swiss Sea Island Cotton V-Neck

Supremo Reale Egyptian Cotton V-Neck

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Color V-Neck Shirt

Sleeveless Tanks:

Swiss Sea Island Cotton Sleeveless Tank

Supremo Reale Egyptian Cotton Sleveless Tank

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Color Tank Shirt

EuroStyle Tank/Vest: EuroStyle Tank Shirts are available only in Supremo Reale Egyptian Cotton

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Color EuroStyle Tank Shirt


Swiss Sea Island Cotton Briefs

Supremo Reale Egyptian Cotton Briefs

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Color Briefs

Boxer Briefs:

Swiss Sea Island Cotton Short Boxer Brief

Supremo Reale Long Egyptian Cotton Boxer Brief

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors Boxer Brief

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors Boxer Briefs

More Boxer Briefs:

Swiss Sea Island Cotton Fitted Boxer

Supremo Reale Loose Legs Egyptian Cotton Boxer

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors Fitted Sea Island Boxer

Kabbaz-Kelly Custom Colors Loose Legs Boxer