Underwear Women Want Men To Wear

The Underwear Women Want Men To Wear

by Alexander Kabbaz
You know what you like to wear. What you're used to and what is the most comfortable. BUT ... how does SHE see you? Lover or Loser ... Stud or Square? Old Geezer or Oh! He's Mine?
Let's get our Bottoms style list first. There are four basic styles of men's underwear.
Boxer Shorts - made of the fabric (woven - not stretchy) used for dress shirts

Left to Right: Boxers, Boxer Briefs, Briefs, Boxer Trunks></a>

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Boxer Briefs - made of brief fabric (knitted - stretchy) in the length of boxers
Briefs - Need I say more?
Boxer Trunks - Boxer briefs with short legs
Boxer Shorts are considered the classic option. They are the "elegant, refined, and tasteful" - not overly showy - style. Classic boxers scored at the top with 25%-30% of women.

In cotton fabrics, boxers in simple patterns and stripes were preferred over plain solid colors with solid blue scoring the highest of the unpatterned styles.

In the overwhelmingly preferred silk satins, solid colors ruled with the most sought being red, black, purple, and dark blue.

Women who prefer the classic boxer shorts like them for their understated, classic, masculine style ... and for being different than women's usual styles.

Boxer Shorts in Silk and Cotton

Guys - be forewarned. By an overwhelming majority, women selected classic boxer shorts and v-neck shirts as the styles they would be most likely to "borrow". "They make great relaxed shorts and are also the perfect Summer pajama!"
Boxer Briefs are the same length as boxers but constructed of knitted fabric like briefs. They provide more support than classic boxers and are form-fitting rather than classically relaxed.

Close to half - 40%-45% - of women put boxer briefs at the top of their list. Reasons ran the gamut from "They prevent panty lines while accentuating the guy's thigh and butt muscles" to "...because they're tight there's no chance of a peek-a-boo like classic loose boxers".

Boxer briefs were preferred in solid colors by most with black and navy heading up the color list. Many thought that knitted boxer briefs with patterns and prints were a bit childish.

Boxer Briefs

Briefs were the choice of the smalled group of women receiving only 5%-10% of the responses. Many considered them in the category of standard pre-teen "tighty whities".

Contrast this with the male preference - 65% - and you'll begin to understand the reasoning behind writing this article.

Women consider the man's brief to be the closest to the prevalent women's bikini panty:

"I don't want to think of my guy wearing my undies!" was heard more than once. Another? "These are the underwear I buy for my children."


But if you must wear briefs, the overwhelming sentiment was "anything but white! Black, blue, or a silvery grey ... but no white."
The hybrid Boxer Trunk - a boxer brief with short legs - beat out the briefs with 15%-20% but didn't come close to the preference for boxer briefs.

Some considered that the boxer trunk's short legs appeared like a women's boy short yet others liked the fact that the form-fitting, short legs show off the thigh and rear muscles without the boring appearance of the standard brief.

Here again, dark colors ruled the day - although brighter colors also scored well - with a preference for white being at the bottom of the list.

Boxer Trunks

Tops, or undershirts, didn't bring a great deal of opinionated response. Although more than 99% of men wear underwear bottoms, less than half as many wear undershirts.

About 60% of men who wear undershirts or t-shirts select crew necks as their preferred style. This did bring out a bit of the difference between the sexes.

Most women preferred high V-necks rather than crew necks.Why? The "downward arrow" shape of the v-neck diverts eyes from the neck and points toward the pectoral muscles accentuating muscular form.

High V-neck Tops

There was, however, one overwhelming sentiment: Baggy = Bad! If you are going to wear an undershirt or t-shirt, wear one which is at least form-fitting. Though skin-tight is unnecessary and considered "showy", baggy is just plain ugly. No matter which neck style you choose, a shirt which follows your form is best.
Interesting tidbits ...
  • White is a perfectly appropriate color with white Summer linen pants or under dress shirts ... and not much else.

  • Women like to see their guy's shape and muscles - either "hintingly" as with classic boxer shorts or the "in your face" which comes with boxer briefs.

  • Multi-colored undies are a cross between uncertainty and skeevy. They draw too much attention.

  • White shows stains. No white!

  • As for what shows? Most were more interested in seeing a "nice butt" and didn't want "the rest" to be overly tight.

  • For every woman, there is a perfect amount of "reveal". Be brave - ask her!

  • The general consensus? "Leave a little bit of mystery, please."

  • And whatever you do ... don't dress like your gal's Dad!

V-Neck Shirts & Boxers - Altogether Too Girl Friendly!

How did we arrive at these results? We used a few sources. It might surprise you to know that more than half of men's underwear is ordered by women. Tallying more than 30 years of orders and soliciting opinions from some of the women who placed them was a wonderful repository of information. We also asked guys for their significant other's opinions on the subject. Finally, we verified our results using internet research. Although statistics varied all over the lot due in the main to "journalistic license", the consensus was generally in line with our conclusions.
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