Gerbe-Paris UltraFine Cotton Lace-Top French Ped

Color: Noir 100BLK
Size: One Size Fits US 6-10.5
  • Gerbe-Paris Lace-Top UltraFine Cotton Ped
  • 75% French Cotton/25% Nylon Available in Noir (Black)
  • Made in St. Vallier, France by expert French artisans
  • Cotton Peds are Extremely Rare as most are constructed from nylon or ... worse ... acrylic and polyester
  • Unlike synthetics Cotton is not slippery
  • Peds can be used alone
  • - or -
  • As protection for costly pantyhose, tights, stay-ups ...
  • - because -
  • A Ped will extend the life of your other Hosiery